Author: Pronab Pal

I have worked as a software developer for a few decades. Now a days I focus on bringing the essence of software value to practice in the domain of EAI [enterprise application Integration ] through unusual combination of technologies like NodeJs and Java and mobile devices, specially Android. I believe the software industry has to wake up to the fact that software is essentially a massive piece of literary work by some less known literature experts who consider themselves nerds and allowed to use their own little language. It is time for software technology to mature and use a common language - which is not difficult to do as soon as we realise that Language is not grammar and phrases, it is just words in exact contexts!. Join my G+ group:

The subtle but true agility: handling situation in hand

I am in Hanoi and working with a team of very young developers. They all speak a broken english , enjoy work and speak and shout in Vietnamese loud. To a typical westerners they may seem like immatures ,lacking the finer sense of computing and appreciation of best practices in software engineering . To a […]